SplitX Summit brings together frontier tech leaders.

Split, Croatia / October 1-3, 2024

Split, Croatia
October 1-3, 2024

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SplitX fosters an extraordinary group of immersive leaders that want to make a change in the world.

once a year, we get together irl for our pinnacle event.

Exclusive, intimate, heavily curated


What happens when you invite an exclusive group of experts and leaders, put them in a venue like no other, and immerse them in a program designed to maximize creative collaboration?

Many would call it a fantasy. Well, we call it SplitX Summit. It’s for real.

We foster an exceptional community of frontier tech leaders committed to making a lasting positive impact on the tech world.

Since 2018, our annual Summit brings together the brightest minds for a transformative three-day experience.

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Featured 2023

It’s a coming together of the world’s brightest minds to create real partnerships and genuine connections.

Summit 3 SplitX

Founder / CEO

Summit 4 SplitX

Group Vice President, NTT Best-Selling Author

Summit 5 SplitX

Chief Product
Officer, Lamina1

Summit 6 SplitX

Founder, Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author of ‘The Future Starts Now’

Summit 7 SplitX

Founder, Outpost Capital / Co-founder Zebra Labs

Summit 8 SplitX

CEO, Frontier Collective

Summit 9 SplitX

Director of Global Affairs at Journee

Summit 10 SplitX

CTO, RealityPrime and President, XR Guild

Summit 11 SplitX

SVP, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development of Medici XD

Summit 12 SplitX

CEO, Shape Immersive

Summit 13 SplitX

CEO, ParadeALL/CEO, MetaTokyo

Summit 14 SplitX

Co-Founder, CEO of Artivive

Summit 15 SplitX

Sales & Partnerships Director @ Bytedance | PICO

Summit 16 SplitX

Head of Marketing @ Node Venture

Summit 17 SplitX

Founder @ Tribute Brand

Summit 18 SplitX

Co-Founder, CCO @ Matterless

the concept


Three days in sunny Split, global tech leaders, open panels, friendly discussions, and bonding in unique locations in the heart of the Mediterranean.


The entire group takes part in everything – from panels to topics and networking. We all get a say. The agenda is revealed a day before the start. Everyone is immersed in the local environment – maximum synergy ensues.

Beyond ordinary

The exclusivity, intimate family atmosphere, and unique concept of the SplitX Summit distinguish this gathering from others and make it a place for all like-minded people.

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Diocletian Palace

Built in 305 AD as a retirement home for the Emperor Diocletian and continuously inhabited for 1700 years.

Prokurative Square

Cultural epicenter, gorgeous Mediterranean square positioned next to the Palace, overlooking the harbour.

Klis Fortress

The imposing fortress, built in the 2nd century BC, provides an astonishing view of Split and nearby islands.


The cradle of ancient and early Croatian history; former capital of roman province of Dalmatia.



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and we value self-expression. We are questioning how things are done, the status quo, by being bold enough to tackle anything perceived as the impossible and by asking questions that spark the imagination.

Yes, but you’ll need to submit an application and undergo a criteria evaluation process.

Introduce yourself via the form below.

The Summit is held first week of October, happening at various locations in and around Split, Croatia.

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The main event is always in person.

The agenda is for participants only, and it’s shared just before the start of the event.


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No, the Summit is members-only. But we accept new applications all the time.

Introduce yourself via the form below.

The Summit is held every last weekend in May, happening at various locations in and around Split, Croatia.

The main event in May is always in person.

The agenda is for members only, and it’s shared amongst participants just before the start of the event.

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