Neda Vuić

Account Manager

Neda 2 SplitX
Neda 3 SplitX

The shape shifter

I know a little bit about strategy creation, copywriting, communication, and e-mail automatization. I swim around my colleagues and I like to dip my toe in everything, just to learn something new. I enjoy expanding my horizons, exploring, and learning. I am a bit of a bookworm who equally enjoys creative processes and data. I like to say that my creativity is based on numbers and that is why SplitX is the perfect environment for a strange cookie that I am.

Get to know me

Even though I love writing, I always find it difficult to describe myself. I have recently discovered that I am a walking binary code, and that sums it up. I am either 0 or 1, and usually, nothing in-between. 

I like to travel and I am obsessed with finding cheap flights (even when I am not travelling). I like to read, and spend time in nature. As a true Splićanka I am addicted to sun and sea. I am somewhat adventurous and I love to share ideas. I have an extensive bucket list and I keep expanding it :D.

My favourites:

Food: Burek, cheese, vegetables and truffles

Drink: khm 😀

Book: The shadow of the wind by C.R.Zafon

City: London (fun fact – I’ve never been)

Music: Punk-rock, classic rock, sometimes electro

Beach in Split: anywhere on Marjan


I resemble a dog. Teach me something new, feed me, pet me and take me out, and I will wiggle my tail whenever I see you.