Island Hub

Remote all-inclusive working holiday hotspot

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Ideal for remote work, active holiday, and summer networking.

This summer, tech companies converge to the island of Brač to work, network and be active in a perfect environment for extraordinary people. We’re plugging them directly to the SplitX network, thus creating a unique synergy that only a true tech hub can achieve.


Hand-picked luxurious villas scattered around the island


Discover a variety of activities, experiences and additional services


Expand your network in a SplitX way!

Why Brač?

1. Great infrastructure

2. Easily accessible

3. Variety

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The Island of Brač

Brač is an ideal location for the launch of ‘’The Island Hub’’. Brač offers everything one might need, all within 1-hour drive! Its position enables great connection with the mainland and surrounding islands. Whether you are searching for isolated bays, adventurous experiences, historical sites, great restaurants and bars, or shopping center, Brač has it all.

SplitX Network

Plug into the SplitX network

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Learn about and potentially invest / collaborate with promising startups.

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SplitX partners and associates on demand.

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Get access to formal and informal events to kick-start the synergy.

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Indulge in a Vacation 2.0

Island Hub events

In collaboration with Stina – a renowned winery, first row by the sea, where tradition and modernism meet in a wine bottle.

Fully equipped, Stina offers a unique combination of gastronomic experience and event venue.

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