Imagine if promoting your brand was like meeting a person for the first time – would you change your approach

Brands often get too caught up in marketing that they forget about the value they bring to the customers.

Here is something fun to try – think about when you meet someone new. Do you like someone who’s too pushy and invades your personal space, incessantly repeating information you don’t care about? Or do you prefer someone who’s kind and shares your interests?

Chances are, you prefer the latter.
And if your close friends vouch for that person, you’re more likely to trust and engage with them, right?

The same principle applies to promoting your brand.

Word-of-mouth is powerful. That’s not gonna change, ever.

When your customers love your brand, they’ll tell others about it.

So, if you’re spending too much time and money on excessive marketing and not seeing the results you want, it’s time to rethink your approach.

Remember, promoting your brand is all about building relationships, just like meeting new people.