Anton Plepel

Advertising specialist

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About me

Oi, I’m Anton, but there’s a pretty big chance that you will call me Antun at first. But hey, we all make mistakes. In case you are pretty good at repeating mistakes, feel free to use my nickname Toni.

For the last 4+ years I have been dealing with online advertising using different channels for variant business verticals. I have had the opportunity to work with the biggest brands in the Croatian market but also with small ones which are just starting to grow, but are more challenging and to be honest, more interesting for me.

More about me

I’m a martech fan, so I can easily end up in a rabbit whole by reading various articles and I am lately especially intrigued by agile project management methodology, primarily scrum framework, so I decided to take different online courses.

In the meantime (while I am not roasting campaign budgets), I am enjoying as many outdoor activities as I can, so I often go sailing, fishing or engage in other activities such as hiking or trekking. Of course, a great team is a key addition to a recipe for fun. 


Talent is perhaps nothing other than successfully sublimated rage.