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We work hard with talented and resilient people with a vision towards collective success.


We seek balance and harmony in our ecosystem. Work and fun, technology and humanity, and productivity and beauty.


We are fearless. We question the status quo. We are bold. We challenge the impossible.


We believe in honesty, transparency, and clarity. We respect differences that drive creative world-changing solutions.

We walk our talk

we practice what we preach

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Bridging Worlds

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split, croatia

SplitX supports dreamers with the boldness and drive to pursue them and give the world something extraordinary with lasting impact.

We are also a community of people who believe we can build the “X” – an unknown value that can benefit all of us. We will build, grow, and fairly share this X while enjoying life to its fullest. Our beautiful city of Split and surrounding Dalmatian region is both a symbol and stage for an ideal symbiosis of work and life.

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Bay Area, US

Our strong human ties with the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley give us access to a wealth of creativity and resources to drive our mission while offering our friends there an alternative environment to thrive.

how we think is how we act