It all starts with...

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We work hard with talented and resilient people with a vision towards collective success.


We seek balance and harmony in our ecosystem. Work and fun, technology and humanity, and productivity and beauty.


We are fearless. We question the status quo. We are bold. We challenge the impossible.


We believe in honesty, transparency, and clarity. We respect differences that drive creative world-changing solutions.

We walk our talk

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Bridging Worlds

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split, croatia

Our hometown is a visual manifestation and an ideal place to exercise our core values.

We believe it’s the most beautiful city in the world – the perfect piece of Mediterranean designed for a slow and fulfilling lifestyle.

Split and Dalmatia are our inspiration – and maybe you’ll also be inspired by them.
Our roots are strong; that’s why our branches are strong too.

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Bay Area, US

Our main branch is in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

That gives us access to a wealth of creativity and resources to drive our mission inspired by some of the most extraordinary people on the planet.

how we think is how we act