Global Tech Hub 1 SplitX

Global tech hub

Inspired by the impossible


Accelerating startups to their full potential


Revolutionary data-driven marketing services


High-quality and global-minded people making a difference

Split, headquarters

The Beshtija Cave

We aim to work in spaces that represent a physical manifestation of our vision. The Beshtija Cave stands for a perfect work-life balance environment as it embodies everything we stand for.

LA, office

Our base overseas

LA Office is the extended creative hand and a USA Headquarters. Igor, our creative director, with over 20 years of Hollywood experience leads our office there.

Island Hub

We believe in work-life balance and our islands fit perfectly into that vision.

This ‘’Vacation 2.0’’ concept is all about networking, remote work, and active holiday.

splitx, chakula


Tech meetup

We keep it simple – once a month we do a fire-side chat in a relaxing environment and tackle the burning topics of the tech world.


Sun, sea, and sailing

Global Tech Hub 2 SplitX

Palmina is a Melges24, a leader in high-performance, one-design sailing. Being from Dalmatia, the sea has had a lot of influence on our lives.

At sea, your mind achieves ultimate freedom which gives you captivating creativity.