Building the ecosystem
for a sustainable future

At our core is an idea – we believe in ‘X’ value that we can create together, which is then ‘split’ amongst all the stakeholders as we enjoy life and build a lasting legacy. This is what we call SplitX.
SplitX - Inspired by the impossible 1 SplitX
SplitX - Inspired by the impossible 2 SplitX

SplitX fosters a leading community of the brightest minds in frontier technology.

Once a year, we get together for the exclusive three-day Summit in Split, Croatia. It’s an authentic experience that enables real partnerships and genuine connections.

Our network, team, and resources come together to support your idea.

We invest in and build ventures with like-minded and resilient founders on a mission to establish a lasting legacy.


SplitX - Inspired by the impossible 3 SplitX

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SplitX is always supportive of the dreams and needs of individuals with the drive to create new opportunities with a lasting impact far beyond the norm



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